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The Augustana Ministerium: A pastoral association formed to preserve and promote Lutheran pastors and a<br>distinctively Lutheran Ministry of Word and Sacrament to Lutheran congregations.

Conference Audio and Video

Lives in the Balance: Equipping the Saints for the World’s Fight and the Soul’s Salvation

Augustana Ministerium Fifth Annual Theological Conference

May 17–19, 2010

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Reclaiming the Old Lutheran Axiom: We Teach Our Own—To Keep our Baptized Children Alive,” by Rev. J. Richard Sawyer,  Audio

Nurturing the Foundations of Faith:  Equipping God’s People to Defend against the Reasoned Arguments of Unbelief,” by Rev. Dcn. Anthony Oncken,  Audio

The Balanced Spiritual Diet of Full-Strength Law and Gospel, and the Deadly Signs of Imbalance,” by Rev. Michael Henson,  Audio

Instilling Christian Citizenship: The Freedom of Grace and the Bondage of the Neighbor,” by Rev. Dr. Steven A. Hein,  Audio

The Seven Deadly Values of Contemporary Culture:  The Shape of the Enemy’s Weapons against Our People Today,” by Rt. Rev. James Heiser,  Audio

Augustana Ministerium Fifth Annual Plenary

“The State of the Augustana Ministerium,” by Rev. Bruce Ley, Superintendent,  Audio  PDF Text

Conference Audio and Video

“Pastoral Supervision in a Post-Synodical Age

Augustana Ministerium Fourth Annual Theological Conference

May 11–13, 2009

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“Ecclesiastical Supervision in a Post-synodical Age,” by Rt. Rev. James Heiser,  Video

Various Models of Church Polity and How They May/May Not Shape
Ecclesiastical Supervision in a Post-synodical Age
,” by Rev. Dr. Kent Heimbigner,  Audio  Video

“Church Fellowship in s Post-synodical Age,” by Rev. Eric Stefanski,  Audio  Video

“The Confessional for Pastors in a Post-synodical Age,” by Rev. William Weedon,  Audio

Augustana Ministerium Fourth Annual Plenary

“The State of the Augustana Ministerium,” by Rev. Bruce Ley, Superintendent,  Audio  PDF Text

Conference Reading Lists

“Considerations for a ‘Post-synodical’ Age”

Augustana Ministerium Third Annual Theological Conference

May 20–21, 2007

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Conference Audio

“The Challenge of Eastern Orthodoxy”


“Sanctification and Modes of Communication”

Augustana Ministerium Second Annual Theological Conference

August 30–31, 2007

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“Eastern Orthodoxy and Lutheranism on Original Sin,” by Rev. John Rutowicz, Part 1 Part 2

“Eastern Orthodoxy and Lutheranism on Justification,” by Rev. David Juhl, Part 1 Part 2

“Eastern Orthodoxy and Lutheranism on Sanctification/Theosis,” by Rev. Gary Gehlbach, Part 1 Part 2

Sanctification: What Is It? What Causes It? What Are its Consequences? by Rev. Dr. Steven Hein

“Modes of Communication in the Ministry of the Gospel,” by Rev. Robert Schaibley


Papers and Reports from

The Constituting Convention
of the
Augustana Ministerium

September 20-21, 2005

“Influences on the Office of the Ministry in the History of American Lutheranism” by Rev. Dr. Steven A. Hein

Statement on the Holy Ministry, Constitution and Bylaws of the Augustana Ministerium

Results of Elections


Papers and Reports from

“A Confessional Lutheran Ministerium for Our Day?”

A Free Conference on the History and Theology of Ministeria

October 24-26, 2004


“On the Reform of Our Own Christian Estate: A Historical Review of Luther on Dissent and Reform” by Rev. Craig S. Stanford

“The Pattern of Pastoral Support and Cooperation in the New Testament” by Rev. Eric J. Stefanski

“Clergy Support and Cooperation in the Early and Medieval Church” by Rev. Dr. Burnell F. Eckardt Jr.

“The Ministerium Among Lutherans in America” by Rev. Dr. Steven A. Hein

“The Church, Pastors, and a Confessional Lutheran Ministerium” by Rev. John Frahm

“MOVIE: Is the LCMS Pointed in the Wrong Direction?” by Rev. Jeffrey Warner Windows (right-click and download,
rather than opening in your browser)  Mac  (Requires FREE QuickTime program.)

A related resource: “The Three Walls Preventing Reform of the LC-MS” by Rev. Craig Stanford.
This essay provides some prolegomena as to the rationale for a ministerium at this time and reform in the church in addition to dissent.