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The Augustana Ministerium: A pastoral association formed to preserve and promote Lutheran pastors and a<br>distinctively Lutheran Ministry of Word and Sacrament to Lutheran congregations.

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Adventide Update

14 December 2014

Administrative Council:
Rev. Jeffrey Ahonen, Superintendent;
Rev. Dr. Kent Heimbigner, Legate;
Rev. Anthony Oncken, Recording Secretary; Rev. Gregory Schultz, Bursar;
Rev. Eric Stefanski, Dean of Communications; Rev. Paul Rydecki, Dean of Education;
Rt. Rev. James Heiser, Dean of Missions; Rev. Andrew Eckert, Dean of Pastoral Care

Between Theological Conferences, the work of the Augustana Ministerium—it’s main work, aiding pastors in need—continues. Such aid to pastors and their families is well over $175,000.00 at this point, and if the Lord blesses you to continue in the support we have seen in the recent past, we will soon have distributed over $200,000.00 of your gifts to keep promoting a distinctively Lutheran Ministry of Word and Sacrament to Lutheran congregations all over the United States.

To continue this work, we encourage you to become members of The Augustana Ministerium or The Augustana Confraternity (see the links and menus above), to consider special gifts before the end of the year for aid or to support the administrative needs of the Ministerium and to keep us on track with planing our 2015 Theological Conference (see Donate buttons above and below, or our Bursar's mailing address, belo), and to add our book of essays—Lives in the Balance—to your Christmas shopping list.

Lives in the Balance Book Cover http://smile.amazon.com/Lives-Balance-Equipping-People-Salvation/dp/1460923758/

Our Lord grant you you a blessed Advent, rejoicing in the King who has come to save you, so that you may rejoice beyond all measure at His return!

Make checks payable to:

The Augustana Ministerium
c/o The Rev. Gregory J. Schultz, Bursar
1314 S. Cattleman Dr.
Milliken, CO 80543